Remote Instruction Information for the 2020-2021 School Year will be posted here as needed.

1) Go to
2) Type in the LAST name of your teacher as listed in the tables / drop-downs below for the NICKNAME of the meeting.
3) Turn off your microphone and join the meeting.

High School Remote Instruction Menu

Mr. Hansen
Ms. Varner
Ms. Munson (smunson)
Mr. Porrovecchio
Ms. Ball
Mr. Bodenhamer
Ms. Britt
Ms. Burton
Ms. Carter
Ms. Cislo
Mr. Feller
Ms. Heupel
Ms. Hines
Mr. Hollow
Mr. Jessop
Mr. Jones
Ms. McGregor
Mr. Munson
Ms. Nadeau
Ms. Scherfenberg
Ms. Shanks
Ms. Sherman
Ms. Taylor
Ms. Tillmann
Mr. Seeton
Ms. Tunnell
Mr. Meyer (mmeyer)
Ms. White
Mr. Wielkoszewski
Ms. Wilondek
Mr. Thompson – Driver’s Ed
Ms. Manicke

Middle School Remote Instruction Menu

Mr. Appleby (cappleby)
Ms. Venegas
Ms. Wood
Ms. Ahnert
Ms. Appleby (sappleby)
Mr. Benn
Mr. Clark
Mr. Ericksen
Ms. Fetterhoff
Ms. Gustavson
Ms. Johnson (ljohnson)
Mr. Johnston (pjohnston)
Ms. Kinslow
Ms. Pogachar
Ms. Sweet
Ms. Tyrone
Ms. Van Valkenburg
Ms. Vukonich
Ms. Mary K

Elementary School Remote Instruction Menu

Ms. Venegas
Ms. Wood
Ms. Barrett
Ms. Bonner
Ms. Epperly, H 
Ms. Fausett
Ms. Guffin
Mr. Gustavson, E 
Ms. Herriott / Ms. Dahlman
Ms. Hiner
Ms. Jacobson
Ms. Kallenberger
Ms. Leisinger
Ms. Martel
Ms. McAnally
Ms. McGinnis
Ms. Meyer
Ms. Morley
Ms. Orcutt
Ms. Rhoades
Ms. Swenson
Ms. Venezio
Ms. Waddell
Ms. Wisher
Ms. Young
Ms. Hansen
Ms. Wanner (OT)

Remote instruction will take place via Google Meet. Google Meet is a web platform and App that allows students to engage via video and screencasting to enable remote meetings and instruction. The following screenshot is an example of what the Google Meet Dashboard looks like: