FAQS: Remote Instruction / Google Meets

Connecting Chromebook to Wifi at home

You may receive an error that your chromebook is not connected to a network.  That is simply because the school chromebooks are set to automatically connect to the school Wifi.  Please locate your home Wifi in the list of available networks and connect to it. You should then see the “Sign in to your Chromebook” screen.  Enter your login information and click next. You may have to reconnect to your home Wifi again, using the steps we already performed. After that, you should be good to go.

Can my student access inappropriate websites on this chromebook?

No, all activities on the school chromebook have tight restrictions and are constantly monitored.

How do I find my teacher in Google Meet?

Once logged in to the chromebook and at the school home page, click Managed Bookmarks in the upper left corner of the screen to access all school links. Click the Remote Instruction link, and find your school  (High School, Middle School, or Elementary School). Click the plus sign and select your teacher.  Your teacher will be available during normal class times.

Using Google Meet for the First Time

When you join a Google Meet for the first time, your chromebook will ask you to Allow Meet to use your camera and microphone.  Please click Allow and also allow Notifications. Mute Microphone and Camera and click Join Meeting

Camera and microphone are blocked

Click on the small camera with a red x at the top of your screen and select Always allow https://meet.google.com to access your camera and microphone.

Not Seeing Presenter's Shared Screen?

The rule of thumb is that you must Pin the presenter or presentation screen that you want to view.  Clicking on their small video screen or logo on the right side will add a small Pin and you should see the correct screen.  When a teacher is sharing a their screen (like PowerPoint or a document camera), you will need to Pin the Presentation. Your teacher will be listed twice in the list and you will need to choose the appropriate presenter.

Why is everything backward on my screen?

When viewing yourself on your device’s camera, things may appear backwards but others viewing you will not see things that way.

Can I keep from having to reconnect my home wifi?

Try locking your chromebook instead of logging out.  This can be done by clicking the lower right hand corner of your chromebook (time, wifi, etc)

Chromebook not working?

Complete this form to report a problem with your school-issued chromebook. Do not bring your computer to the school unless/until you have been instructed to do so.

Printing at home

Currently, school chromebooks do not allow printing to printers outside of the school.  If you would like to print something for class, you will need to login to your home computer using your school Google account or forward the item to another non-school email account.

Best Google Meet Practices
  • Mute Camera and Microphone before joining Meeting (That way nobody can see you in your pajamas or hear your dog barking)
  • Report inappropriate use to your teacher and/principal
  • Leave Call (small red phone in middle bottom of screen) when class is finished
  • Be courteous – Inappropriate behavior will result in account suspension and other bad stuff
  • Pin the presenter – click the presenter’s picture or video on the right side