Drivers Education

Bigfork High School Traffic Education

Students must be 14 ½ or older to attend. Students and at least one parent must attend the parent/student meeting. Students can register at the Bigfork High School office. When payment of $275 is made the office will put your student on the class list. The first 24 to sign up, pay, AND be at the required parent/student meeting will allowed to take the class.

Traffic Education is a big time commitment with classes, drive time, and homework. Class will run about 6 weeks with driving continuing for another couple of weeks. State law requires minimum class time, driving time, passing the written test and 80% or higher class grade. Students that do not achieve this will not pass the class and will not have a refund. Parents and students should make the commitment or take a class when it better suits their schedules. Driving will be after class 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays, with students picking drive times. Attendance is very important. If a student misses class, or a drive, three times, the student is dropped from the class.

I only have the students for 6-7 weeks and will teach them how to start being a safe driver. Parents are the key to installing the proper attitude to keep students safe. Before traffic education class students should have an active role in the driving process, watching signs, traffic hazards and learning Right-of-Way. After students get their learner’s license have them drive often and if a passenger, still be part of the driving process..


Drive safe.

Contact Luke Thompson with questions.

Important Information

The meeting time of class (except summer) will be from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the high school library.

Students will sign up for driving times which will be after class and some Saturdays.

Students must be 141/2 to start the class.

Class sizes must be at least 20 students before a class may begin.

Parents take their check for $275 to the BHS office.

The class will give the Montana state manual test allowing passing students a traffic education learner license (TELL).

A student with a TELL may only operate a motor vehicle on Montana roadways only and a parent must be riding in the front passenger seat.

Issuance of a TELL will allow a teen to drive with their parent/guardian or the driver ed teachers.

Only students who pass the state manual test will be given the Montana state traffic education learners license (TELL).

Students are given a total of 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

A mandatory 6 month waiting period is required by state law before a student who has passed the BHS driver education course may obtain a restricted driver license.

A student cannot miss more than 3 days of class as required by Montana state law.

Traffic Education Instructor

Luke Thompson
Traffic Education Teacher