Bigfork Digital High School

Currently Bigfork Digital High School (BDHS) has two options available to students and families interested in an alternative to the traditional “brick and mortar” high school. BDHS can facilitate online classes through the Montana Digital Academy (MTDA) and Virtual High School (VHS) at no charge.

Between the two programs/providers we offer a completely digital diploma from our school – one of the only schools in the valley doing this. By combining the offerings of MTDA and VHS, we are able to create a 4-year plan where your child can graduate from BHS with a Bigfork Digital High School (BDHS) diploma. For a second option, your child can also take classes with no map or plan for a diploma from our school – a la carte, if you will – with less direction from the school. With this option we only ask that a minimum of two classes are taken per semester. This second option is more flexible, yet will not provide an avenue for a diploma.