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6th Grade English/Language Arts – Ms. Fetterhoff Syllabus
7th Grade English – Mr. Johnson’s Syllabus
7th Grade Honors English –  Mr. Johnson’s Syllabus
8th Grade English – Mrs. Appleby’s Syllabus
8th Grade Honors English – Mrs. Appleby’s Syllabus | Community Service Assignment

Journalism –
Journalism is an elective class that teaches some basic elements of news media. Journalism is an out loud medium. So whether it is stapling your story to a bulletin board, publishing an article in our newspaper or broadcasting your voice over the school PA system, student work will be viewed by others! Journalism students will be required to learn the basics of informative writing, newspaper design, photography, magazine writing and layout, and other multimedia projects as time allows. There will be frustrating moments when you spend a period uploading documents only to see them vanish, or when a paper comes back and it doesn’t match your vision. This class will expand your knowledge of technology and self, and it will be fun at the same time.

English Teachers

Shannon Appleby
8th Grade English, Middle School Journalism, Crafting
Elizabeth Fetterhoff
6th grade English/Language Arts, Personal Finance, and middle school RTI
Nate Johnson
7th English, Speech and Drama, & Music Appreciation Teacher