Bigfork School District 38

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Assessment Data Coordinators (3)
Bigfork School District is seeking applications for:
Three Assessment Data Coordinators, one each for the Elementary, Middle and High School.

The selected individuals will be responsible for coordinating district-wide student assessment data with their assigned vendor to ensure data integrity, correctness and suitability for upload into the school’s assessment framework. Coordinators will provide accurate, up-to-date files from the vendors to the school’s IT department for upload.

Coordinators will also be responsible for reviewing all assessment data for their particular particular school to inform actions of the RTI team. Coordinators will be responsible for meeting with RTI teams and completing additional Powerschool training for access into the admin portal.

Additional vendors may be added to this list.

HS Vendor: ACT / ACT Aspire
MS Vendor: SBAC / Achieve 3000
ES Vendor: STAR Renaissance Learning
Stipend: $1200 / yr