Bigfork School District 38

School Board & Meetings

The Bigfork School Board meetings will be held in the Bigfork High School Library at 5 pm on following dates:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Wednesday, August 22, 2018

From time to time special meetings are called, and information will be posted here.

Meeting Documents

May 16, 2018 Agenda
May 16, 2016 Consent Agenda
May 16, 2018 Bills List
May 16, 2018 New Business A, B, Vote Tally Elem, Vote Tally HS

Previous Meeting Documents
April 2018 Documents

April 18, 2018 Agenda, Combined Consent Agenda, Addendum, and Addendum Backup
April 18, 2018 Addendum 2 and Backup
April 18, 2018 Bills List
April 18, 2018 New Business A, C

March 2018 Documents

March 14, 2018 Agenda and Consent Agenda
March 14, 2018 Combined Bills List
March 14, 2018 New Business B, C, D, E, F, G

February 2018 Documents

February 7, 2018 Agenda and Agenda Addendum
February 7, 2018 Combined Consent Agenda
February 7, 2018 Combined Bills List
February 7, 2018 New Business A, B, C

January 2018 Documents

January 10, 2018 Agenda
January 10, 2018 Combined Consent Agenda
January 10, 2018 Combined Bills List
January 10, 2018 New Business A

December 2017 Documents

December 13, 2017 Agenda
December 13, 2017 Bills List
December 13, 2017 Consent Agenda
Old Business A
New Business A, B & C, D

November 2017 Documents

November 8, 2017 Agenda
November 8, 2017 Combined Bills List
November 8, 2017 New Business C
November 8, 2017 Consent Agenda
November 8, 2017 Bus Approach Agenda

October 2017 Documents

October 11, 2017 Agenda
October 11, 2017 New Business A, B, C
October 11, 2017 Combined Bills List
October 11, 2017 Combined Consent Agenda

September 2017 Documents

September 20, 2017 Agenda
September 20, 2017 New Business MOU
September 20, 2017 Bills List

August 2017 Documents
Special Meetings

Negotiations Committee Meeting
Monday, May 21, 2018, 5:00 pm
High School Conference Room

Negotiations Committee Meeting
Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 5:30 pm
High School Conference Room

Student Discipline Hearing
Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 5:45 pm
Elementary Conference Room

Student Discipline Hearing
Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 6:15 pm
Elementary Conference Room

Previous Special Meetings

Thursday, March 1, 2018, 4:45 p.m.
Student Discipline Hearing, Elementary Conference Room

Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 5:30 p.m.
Finance Committee – Preliminary 18-19 Budget Review, High School Conference Room

Wednesday, January 10, 2018:  4 p.m
Finance Committee Meeting

Friday, December 15, 2017: 3:00 pm
Student Discipline Hearing
Elementary Conference Room

November 30, 2017: 5:00 p.m.
Board Workshop, High School Conference Room

November 30 Workshop Document
HS Building Contingency
2017-2018 District Goals

Thursday, November 16, 2017
1:00 pm in the Superintendent’s Office

November 16, 2017 Agenda
November 16, 2017 Supporting Documents A, B, C

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
6:15 pm Student Discipline Hearing in the Elementary School Conference Room

Historic board minutes and documents are available on request in the District Office, and will be posted to this site in the coming weeks. 

Board Policy Documents - 2000 Series (Instruction)

Curriculum Development and Assessment (2120)
Student and Family Privacy Rights (2132)
Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) (2132F)
Guidance and Counseling (2140)
Interscholastic Activities (2151)
Title I Parent Involvement (2160)
Title I Parent Involvement (2160p)
Special Education (2161)
Special Education (2161p)
Traffic Education (2163)
Gifted Program (2166)
Correspondence Courses (2167)
School Calendar (2220)
School Closure (2221)
Community and Adult Education (2250)
Selection of Library Materials (2310)
Selection of Library Materials (2310p)
Instructional Materials (2311)
Selection, Adoption, and Removal of Textbooks and Instructional Materials (2311p)
Copyright (2312)
Checklist for Fair Use (2312e)
Learning Materials Review (2314)
Technology Resources – Instructional Television (Movies/Videos/DVDs) (2315)
Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education (2320)
Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education Request Form (2320f)
Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education (2320p)
Contests for Students (2322)
Flag Display (2329)
Controversial Issues and Academic Freedom (2330)
Religion and School Activities (2332)
Tobacco Free/Smoke Free District (2337)
High School Graduation Requirements (2410)
High School Graduation Requirements (2410p)
Early Graduation (2412)
Credit Transfer/Assessment for Placement (2413)
Grading and Progress Reports (2420)
Grading and Progress Reports (2420p)
Promotion/Retention (2421)
Grade Retention Disagreement Notice (2421f)
Procedure for Retention (2421p)
Homework (2430)
Recognition of Native American Cultural Heritage (2450)
Snack Guidelines – Elementary and Middle School (2510a)
Snack Guidelines – High School (2510b)
School Wellness (2510)

Board Policy Documents - 3000 Series (Students)

Entrance, Placement, and Transfer (3110)
Admission of Resident Students Expelled From Other School Districts (3112)
Compulsory Attendance (3120)
Enrollment and Attendance Records (3121)
Enrollment and Attendance Records (3121p)
Attendance Policy (3122)
Attendance Review Notice (3122f)
Attendance Policy Procedure (3122p)
Attendance Policy – Truancy (3123)
Education of Homeless Children (3125)
Discretionary Nonresident Student Attendance Policy (3141)
Out-Of-District Application Form (3141f)
Foreign Exchange Students (3145)
Student Rights and Responsibilities (3200)
Equal Education, Nondiscrimination and Sex Equity (3210)
Closed Campus (3218)
Student Publications (3221)
Student Publications (3221p)
Distribution and Posting of Materials (3222)
Student Dress (3224)
Sexual Harassment/Intimidation of Students (3225)
Sexual Harassment Complaint Form (3225e)
Sexual Harassment Investigation Procedures (3225p)
Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing (3226)
Student Privacy (3230)
Searches and Seizures (3231)
Searches and Seizures (3231p)
Student Use of Buildings: Equal Access (3233)
Video Surveillance (3235)
School Bus Video Records (3236/8126)
School Bus Video Records (3236p/8126p)
Guidelines of Conduct (K-12) (3240)
Cellular Telephones, Electronic Signaling Devices, Memory Storage Devices and Personal Computers Policy (3245)
Gun-free Schools (3270)
Weapon-free Schools (3275)
Corrective Actions and Punishment (3300)
Corrective Actions and Punishment (3300p)
Expulsion of students for Non-School Conduct (3309)
Student Discipline (3310)
Discipline of Students with Disabilities (3310p)
Firearms And Weapons (3311)
Firearms And Weapons (3311e)
Detention (3312)
Chemical Use and Dependency (3335)
Chemical Use and Dependency (3335p)
Extra- and Co-Curricular Chemical Use Policy (3340)
Student Health/Physical Screenings/Examinations (3410)
Student Immunization (3413)
Management of Sports Related Concussions (3415)
Student-Athlete & Parent/Legal Custodian Concussion Statement (3415f)
Management of Sports Related Concussions (3415p)
Administering Medicines to Students (3416)
Physician Order And Parent Request For Administration Of Medication At School (Short Term And Prn) (3416f-1)
Physician Order And Parent Request For Administration Of Medication At School (3416f-2)
Communicable Diseases (3417)
Child Abuse and Neglect Policy (3421/5232)
Report of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect (3421f/5232f)
Suicide (3422)
Emergency Treatment (3431)
Fire Drills (3432)
Bomb Threats (3434)
Emergency School Evacuation (3435)
Removal of Student During School Day (3440)
Removal of Student During School Day (3440p)
Senior Release Privileges (3442)
School-Sponsored Student Activities (3510)
Equipment and Uniforms (3515)
Student Fees, Fines, and Charges (3520)
Student Fund Raising Activities (3530)
Student Fund Raising Activities (3530p)
Distribution of Fund Drive Literature Through Students (3535)
Missing Children (3540)
Student Records (3600)
Annual Notice for Disclosure of School Directory Information (3600f)
Maintenance of School Student Records (3600p)
Gangs and Gang Activity (3611)
District-Provided Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks (3612)
District-provided Access To Electronic Information, Services, And Networks (Appropriate Use Of Electronic Information Services) (3612e)

Board Policy Documents - 5000 Series (Personnel)

Board Goal – Personnel (5000)
Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities (5002)
Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination (5010)
Sexual Harassment/Sexual Intimidation in the Workplace (5012)
Sexual Harassment Complaint Form (5012e)
Sexual Harassment Investigation Procedures (5012p)
Applicability of Personnel Policies (5021)
Hiring Process and Criteria (5120)
Criminal Background Investigations (5122)
Medical Examinations (5130)
Employee Contracts and Assignments (5140)
Performance Evaluations (5222)
Classified Evaluation Instrument Process and Description (5222p)
Tobacco Free Policy (5225)
Drug-Free Work places (5226)
Employee Chemical Use and Dependency (5227)
Employee Drug and Alcohol Offenses (5228)
District-Provided Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks (5229)
Internet Research (5229p)
Personnel Records (5230)
Abused and Neglected Child Reporting (5232)
Report of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect (5232/3421f)
Termination or Non-Renewal of Employment/Dismissal from Employment (5250)
Personnel- Progressive Discipline (5250p)
Retirement Programs for Employees (5253)
Non-Renewal or Termination of Contract (5254)
Disciplinary Action – Employees (5255)
Reduction in Force (5256)
Probationary Period for Non-Certified Employees (5309)
Equal Pay for Equal Work – Compensation and Wages (5311)
Sick Leave (5321)
Family Medical Leave (5328)
Maternity Leave (5329)
Vacations (Annual Vacation Leave) (5334)
Vacations (Annual Vacation Leave) (5334p)
Compensatory Time and Overtime/Classified Employees (5336)
Substitutes – Employment (5410)
Substitute Hiring Procedure (5410p)
Teachers Aides/Paraeducators (5420)
Volunteers (5430)